The Jury Has Selected Its New Swiss Fellows

May 6, 2021
As April turned into May, it became time for the family Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala (FZMB) to select new scholarship recipients. Due to pandemic precautions, some applicants have decided to move to their university’s area in advance. Therefore, part of this year’s Swiss Scholarship program final interviews were once again held online.
Online or in person, the youth’s unwillingness to compromise their plans despite the current circumstances was remarkable.  "Once again, applicants fascinated us with their overview, practical experience, bold life plans, but also their willingness to provide selflessly what they can do for the benefit of society. We cheer for them not to be discouraged by the overall difficulties around their studies and we encourage them pursuing their dreams. We are very happy to support them in this," commented Michaela Bakala. Students or research fellows interested in studying abroad at a Master’s or Ph.D. level are selected from 11 Swiss partner universities.  After a detailed assessment of 30 applications and university recommendations, 15 students advanced to the finals.  A jury composed of Michaela Bakala, Board of Trustees Chairwoman, Secretary-General of the foundation, Ursina Boulgaris, and Board Members Patricia Legler and Phillippe Rudloff led interviews with the finalists.
The Swiss final interviews with scholarship applicants took place partly online this year.
The Swiss final interviews with scholarship applicants took place partly online this year.
"Applicants' interest in their chosen field of study and the overview they have about it is always inspiring for us.Many of applicants already have also their own experience working in non-profit organizations, with fundraising or other volunteer activities," said Ursina Boulgaris. The interviews of this year’s applicants shared a common thread of having a great interest the networking with other scholarship holders and alumni within the Bakala scholarship network. Scholarship applicants will be informed of their results in the second half of June. The Czech Bakala Foundation will hold the final interviews for its applicants during the second week of June. Thanks to Michael and Zdeněk, the door to study at top universities worldwide opens up to talented students from the Czech Republic and Switzerland every year. The scholarship programs have already helped 171 young students develop their skills and succeed in finding their way to contribute their best to society.

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