From an art gallery to schools, from churches to hospitals, Zdeněk Bakala has been sponsoring a wide variety of causes and projects since long before the Zdeněk Bakala Foundation was established. Informed by his own experience leaving Czechoslovakia in search of a better education and, in turn, a better life, Zdeněk Bakala’s contributions have always gravitated towards cultural or intellectual development.

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The Bakala Foundation Scholarship provides financial support to high-achieving students who intend to study at a top academic institution abroad.

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Kaplicky Internship

Kaplicky Internship

The Kaplicky Internship is a program providing future and recent architecture graduates from Czech universities an opportunity to spend three months on a paid internship in a prestigious London studio.

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Journey: Journalism Bootcamp

Journey: Journalism Bootcamp

Journey: Journalism Bootcamp - an intensive 10-day summer course in journalism designed for both Czech and international students.

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People in Need, – Stories of Injustice

Contribution to the project Stories of Injustice enabled schools to offer documentaries and feature films as well as other aids for teaching history, to acquaint primary and secondary school students with modern Czechoslovak history. The project included film screenings and meetings with survivors, historians and filmmakers. There were student literary competitions, seminars for teachers, exhibitions for the public. Since 2009 students award Stories of Injustice Award for courageous attitude and actions during the communist regime. More about the project:

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We donated 500 000

People in Need – Better School for All

The Bakala Foundation supported the project Better School for All, which helped teachers provide better education for children with special educational needs.  In this project, teachers have access to lectures for school-room use as well as training and materials to help reach a broader range of children in their classrooms. More about the project:

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We donated 500 000


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