High School Scholarships

Study at selective high schools in the US or UK.
Applications are now closed. We will open them again in September 2024.

About High School Scholarships

Are you a high-school student and would you like to study abroad? Do you want to experience life in a foreign country, broaden your horizons and improve your English? Then apply for the High School Scholarships Program (formerly ASSIST & HMC), which supports active high school students to study high school in the US or the UK.

Join over 300 Czech alumni, and take advantage of the guarantee of a program that has been operating in the Czech Republic for over 30 years.

Types of scholarships and funding

HMC - a two-year stay in the UK
Sanderson and Lindfors Scholarships – one-year stay in the USA
Davis Scholars - 2-3 year scholarship program in the USA
Kemper Scholars Program – one-year study program in the USA with certification

Who is the program suitable for?

  • The program is primarily intended for students in the 1st and 2nd year of high school in the Czech Republic. Students in the 9th grade of elementary school are also eligible to apply for the Sanderson, Lindfors and Davis scholarships. The Kemper program is also open to 3rd grade high school students. This also applies to students in the corresponding grades of multi-year high schools.
  • Applicants with Czech citizenship (permanent residence in the Czech Republic is sufficient for the Sanderson and Lindfors scholarships), good English language skills and excellent school records.
  • Motivated applicants interested in an academic experience at selective private schools abroad.
  • Active and independent students who adapt easily to a new environment.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Sanderson and Lindfors
Davis Scholars

Current year

Applications are now closed. We will open the next year in September 2024. Sign up for notification below and we will let you know.
There are several types of scholarships, but only one application form needs to be filled out:
  • If you are primarily interested in scholarships to the USA (Sanderson, Lindfors, Davis, Kemper), please fill out the ASSIST application.
  • If you are primarily interested in studying in the UK (HMC scholarships), please complete the HMC application.
  • You can tick preferences for other scholarship programs on both applications. Primarily, however, your application will be considered for the scholarship you indicate as your first choice.
Application deadlines & dates
September 13, 2023
New edition announced, online applications open.
October 31
Deadline to submit the ASSIST application with a reduced fee of $20.
November 30
Deadline to submit application and all requirements for all high school scholarships.
December 16
Completion of the Duolingo Language Test (only if applying primarily for U.S. scholarships).
January 27-29, 2024
Successful applicants will attend personal interviews with representatives of ASSIST and HMC and write a random topic essay in the Bakala Foundation´s Student Hub.
Applicants notified of the results. Scholarship recipients will receive an offer to study at a high school in the US or UK, depending on their field of study.

What is included in the application form?

Online application
Administrative fee
Application for financial support
Teacher recommendations
School Report
Language tests
Supporting documents
Random essay
Interviews and results

Lectures on studying abroad

We regularly organize thematic lectures and workshops in the Student Hub. Come and attend one of the planned events or watch the recordings of the lectures that have already taken place.
Planned events
We currently have no lectures listed.
Would you like us to let you know when we announce new lectures or workshops?
Recordings of lectures

High School Scholarships (ASSIST & HMC) in numbers

years in the Czech Republic
Czech alumni
private high schools in the US and UK
years in the Czech Republic
Czech alumni
private high schools in the US and UK

What you can look forward to?

Our scholars’ stories

Useful resources

Selection procedure
Program brochures and general information
Additional documents

Questions and Answers

How is your program unique and different from those of various agencies?
Do you require a salary certificate letter from your employer?
What is included in the total net family income?
Why, in the case of the UK, is there a limit of £30,000 on a family’s net income for the previous year?
Why is the administrative fee for the Sanderson Scholarship so high?
If I don’t apply for a Sanderson sponsored scholarship, is my chance of being admitted higher?
Can I extend my one-year scholarship to the USA?
What level of English do I need to have to pass the tests?
I didn’t get a passing grade in math on my report card last year. Can I attend the interview?


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Karolina Jiřelová
Karolina Jiřelová
High School Scholarships Program Coordinator