Aspen Institute celebrated 12th anniversary presenting its new director

June 6, 2024
Aspen Institute Central Europe celebrated 12 years since its founding, symbolically at the Polish Embassy in Prague. A branch of the Institute has been recently established in Warsaw.
From the beginning, Aspen was founded by Michaela and Zdenek Bakala, who have been instrumental in developing the institution into what it is today. They were appreciated for their long-term support at the event, which was also attended by Michaela Bakala.
Other guests of honour were the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavský, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Czech Republic, Mateusz Gniazdowski.
The main topics of their lectures included the current geopolitical situation and the role of leadership in times of global crisis, reflecting on the importance of value-based leadership, especially today, when not only Central Europe but the entire European region is going through a difficult period.
Aspen's new CEO Jakub Landovský was officially introduced and will take up his position in August. Everyone wished Aspen all the best for the years to come and congratulations went also to Michaela, who celebrated her birthday.


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