Stress-coping strategies workshop

How can I help myself when school is becoming too much for me? What happens to our body and mind when we start to drown in our thoughts or lose control of our emotions under the weight of worries? Why do we leave things to the last minute? At the interactive lecture, you will learn the answers to these questions and strategies for better handling unpleasant situations.
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
17:30 - 19:00
In-Person and Online
Student Hub Bakala Foundation
Tržiště 13 (4. floor)
118 00 Praha 1
What will you learn? There are significant differences among people in the ways they cope with stress, and thus there is no uniform solution. We will teach you to estimate your own current capacity for handling stressful situations. Next, we will focus on strategies that most people spontaneously use when under stress - for example, using reason as a coping mechanism, distracting your attention or sharing with other people. We will talk about when and why to engage these strategies purposefully, so that they do not get out of control and, for example, the distraction does not turn into chronic procrastination.
Is it too much for you at school or in life right now and you don't know what to do? During the lecture, we will introduce you to the service, operating free of charge, which guides students from the age of 15 upwards through challenging situations at school and home as well. This service is provided by the non-profit organization Fokus Praha, z.ú.
About the lecturer Two psychologists, PhDr. Václav Jílek and Mgr. Ondřej Knor, both working for Fokus Praha, will guide you through the seminar. Václav is a clinical psychologist and mainly focuses on psychotherapy and the education of future psychotherapists at the Skála Institute. Ondřej works at and is also a doctoral student in the field of social and occupational psychology.
  • The workshop will be held in Czech language.
  • It will take place in the Student Hub with a possibility to join online via Google Meet.
  • When registering for the online option, you will receive a confirmation email including the specific Google Meet link. The meet will become active 5 minutes before the start.
  • You can use the chat function to ask questions during the workshop.
  • The workshop will not be recorded.


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Tereza Lucková
Tereza Lucková
Student Hub & Events Manager