Come Study at the Student Hub, a Unique Co-study Space in Lesser Town

Student Hub Bakala Foundation

Many students lack access to a quiet environment where they can concentrate on studying, preparing for tests, or writing term papers. That’s what motivated the Bakala Foundation to open the Student Hub, the first co-study space for high school and university students in Prague. The Student Hub is free of charge and conveniently located in Prague’s Lesser Town. In addition to providing a suitable space for studying, the Student Hub offers lectures and workshops focused mainly on education, as well as a library filled with resources for studying abroad.

Our new, stylish Student Hub is the first co-study space in Prague where high school and university students can study and work on projects, both independently and in groups. The Student Hub is equipped with high-speed wi-fi, a printer, and a library filled with resources for those thinking about studying abroad. Students can also arrange a consultation with the Bakala Foundation’s study advisor.

“Our foundation has supported the education and development of young people for a number of years. In order to enhance our efforts, we’ve established the Student Hub, which offers students a space to meet, study, and collaborate on projects. We want our Student Hub co-study space to function like the popular co-working concept, and to help students not only learn, but also to find inspiration, and establish contacts,” says Václav Pecha, Director of the Bakala Foundation.

The Student Hub also hosts a number of lectures, workshops, and discussions that are open to the public. Although the focus is largely on educational themes, we also cover other topics of interest to students, including culture, non-profit activities, and career development.

For example, in the coming weeks, the Student Hub will host Tomáš Šebek, a Czech surgeon who will discuss his work with the Doctors Without Borders mission in Yemen, and present his new book, The Sky Above Yemen. For students interested in studying abroad, we’ve prepared lectures about studying in the USA and Canada to help them select a university and prepare for the application process, as well as for the actual study programs.

The Student Hub is located at Tržiště 13, a picturesque part of Lesser Town only a short walk from Malostranské náměstí. The co-study space is open Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 4 pm. These opening hours will be extended after the conclusion of the Student Hub’s trial run.

The Student Hub is free for high school and university students between the ages of 15 and 33. All they have to do to take advantage of the Student Hub’s offerings is register and show their student ID.


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