Do you need to get oriented in the study abroad arena? Get advice on selecting a study major? Would you like to know more about our Scholarship program? Our Study Advisor will provide you with the necessary information, whether you are a student, a parent or an educator. Our Counseling services are free of charge. We also offer our Library for everyone interested in study abroad.

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We further offer:

Information about university studies abroad:

  • general terms and conditions of studies at foreign universities
  • profiles of selected universities and description of student life abroad
  • opportunity to cooperate with secondary schools, high schools, students and teachers across the country
  • usefulness of the Scholarship Program for studying at a foreign university

Consultation for the Scholarship Program applicants:

  • personal consultation focused on various aspects of the Scholarship Program recruitment process
  • information about studying abroad: choosing an academic program, requirements for admission, practical assistance with applications
  • advice and recommendations to the Scholarship Program applicants from graduates from a similar area of expertise

Support of the Scholarship Program graduates:

  • counseling on professional development: how to develop professional connections, how to structure a resume, how to write cover letters, how to prepare for a job interview
  • helping graduates develop their careers by organizing informal meetings with successful professionals
  • mentoring to help students navigate their chosen field and set their professional goals

For more information about counseling services or to arrange a personal meeting, please contact Kristýna Borsodi.