Winners of “Top Czech Women 2016” Announced

January 23, 2017
Top managers of leading corporations, startup founders as well as the best public sector representatives were honored at the 12th Top Czech Women Awards. In the poll organized by Economia publishing, judges were selecting from more than 300 nominees in 3 categories: Business, Public Sector and, for the first time in the history of the Awards, Startups, a category dedicated to young entrepreneurs. “We recognize and award women in business for their achievements, career successes and business results, in politics for their contribution to reinforcing democracy, appreciation of context and courage, and in public administration for leading the way and setting professional examples,” says Michaela Bakala, Patron of the Awards and Deputy Chairwoman of the Board at Economia. “We celebrate the most successful women to inspire whole society,” added Roman Latuske, Chairman of the Board at Economia. The Awards not only honor the best women in business or politics, but also strive to promote equal career opportunities and higher representation of women in top managerial or governmental functions. Watch Michaela Bakala's opening speech at the Top Czech Women Awards 2016. “Looking at some of the world’s current leaders, I can’t help but think that it is up to us mothers in particular to bring up our children, and our sons especially, to understand that confidence does not equal being louder than everyone else and being arrogant. Mothers should teach that politeness counts for more, and that it is by no means a sign of weakness. Children are very perceptive to how their parents treat one another and they are likely to replicate what they see in their own relationships,” said Michaela Bakala. During her opening address, Mrs. Bakala was wearing a pink beanie as a sign of support for the Women's Marches that took place just two days before in many places around the world.


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