Top Czech Women Awards Were Announced

January 26, 2021
The TOP Czech Women of 2020, are Radka Prokopova, Daniela Peskova and Eva Zazimalova Prague, January 22, 2020, marks the 16th year of the prestigious TOP Czech Women Awards, and the panel of experts has announced this year’s award winners! Radka Prokopova – co-owner and Executive Director of Alca plast (pictured on the right side of the above image) retained the TOP Businesswoman title, and Daniela Peskova – Boardmember responsible for Retail Banking at Ceska sporitelna, won TOP Manager. Eva Zazímalová – President of the Czech Academy of Sciences kept first place in the TOP Public Sector Woman category. Awards in the Start-up category went to Michaela Matejkova – founder of Skinners, Jana Hlavsova – founder of Fondee and Gabriela Takacová – founder of Recombee. The Hall of Fame inducted two previous TOP Czech Women Awardees: Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova –businesswoman and owner of Petrof, and Karolina Topolova – CEO of AURES Holdings, which includes brands such as  AAA AUTO, Mototechna, Auto-Diskon, and AuresLab. The goal of the TOP Czech Women project is to highlight successful women from both the private and public sectors. Their success stories motivate and encourage women to follow in their steps, and highlight topics such as equal opportunities and women’s roles in chief decision-making positions. “Gender prejudices still prevail in the Czech society. There are on-going discussions as to what extent a woman has the right to step away from her duties to her family and children, whether she can succeed in typically male domains, and whether it makes sense to have more women in leading political, business, and academic positions. I am convinced that inspirational examples of successful women are a better weapon in fighting gender inequalities and stereotypes than, say, quotas. This is why it makes sense to me to supportf the Top Czech Women poll,” said Michaela Bakala, patroness of the Top Czech Women project. As in previous editions of the project, a panel of experts compiled the final short list was comprised of renowned figures from business, academic, and public spheres. TOP Czech Women 2020 – results in individual categories The Hall of Fame Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova – Owner of Petrof Karolína Topolova – CEO of AURES Holdings Manager 1. Daniela Peskova – Board member responsible for Retail Banking at Ceska sporitelna 2. Katerina Jirasková – CFO of the PPF group 3. Klara Brachtlova – CEO of the Nova group Businesswoman 1. Radka Prokopova – Co-owner and Executive Director of Alca plast 2. Simona Kijonkova – Founder and owner of Zasilkovna 3. Martina Vítkova – Co-owner NWT holding Public Sector 1. Eva Zazimalova – President of the Czech Academy of Sciences 2. Zlata Holusova – Director of Colours of Ostrava 3. Eva Zamrazilova – Chairwoman of the Czech Fiscal Council Start-up (without ranking) Michaela Matejkova – Founder of Skinners Jana Hlavsova, Founder of Fondee Gabriela Takacova, Founder of Recombee.


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