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The Bakalas attended Design Museum’s annual dinner

November 14, 2018
On 14 November 2018, Michaela and Zdeněk Bakala attended a dinner at London’s Design Museum organized by Lord Mandelson, chairman of the museum’s board of trustees (see the photo above). In addition to the management and members of the Design Museum’s board of trustees, this annual social event hosts sponsors and famous designers with which the museum – the world’s largest museum of modern design and architecture – collaborates. The aim of connecting sponsors with designers is to boost fundraising for the museum’s development. Guests at this year’s festive dinner also had a chance to view the museum’s newest exhibition: “Home Futures”, where the Czech Republic is also represented by the work of Jan Kaplicky.
Michaela Bakala and Sir Terence Conran, Founder and Member of the Board of the Design Museum Zdeněk Bakala is an important supporter and member of the board of trustees of the Design Museum, and he and Michaela are frequent guests at important events organized by the museum, including the grand opening in 2016 of the new premises in Kensington, in West London. It is especially thanks to the generous donation of Zdeněk and Michaela Bakala that the modern multipurpose Bakala Auditorium was launched during the reopening of the museum two years ago. The space is equipped withcutting-edge audio-visual technology and it enables staging lectures and various cultural and social events.
Zdeněk Bakala and Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum Modern art, design and architecture number among Zdeněk Bakala’s lifelong passions.“Design will continue to attract a significant amount of interest because it is so close to people’s lives, and is so influential on the way people live their lives,” Bakala said, regarding his cooperation with the London museum. “This is especially true when presented, explained and put into context in such an exceptional way as in the Design Museum in London”.
Michaela Bakala and Alice Black, Director of the Design Museum Zdeněk and Michaela Bakala are currently working together with the Design Museum to develop educational activities of this institution.

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