Bakala Foundation Scholarship Program Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

September 13, 2019
The Bakala Foundation Gala was held on Thursday, September 12 in La Fabrika in Prague. The event followed a two-day series of interviews led by an expert committee with scholarship applicants and, above all, celebrated the tenth year of the Scholarship program, which supports talented young Czechs in their studies at the world’s best universities. “It is amazingly encouraging to see so much talent and courage. I stay in touch with many of our scholars, keeping an eye on their progress, and I have no doubt whatsoever that among them are many future luminaries and leaders who will leave an indelible footprint in our society.” - Michaela Bakala, Philanthropist and Bakala Foundation Chairwoman.
During its 10th year of the Scholarship Program, the Foundation will provide support to 17 new scholars: eight in Bachelor’s programs and nine in Master’s programs at elite British and US universities. This year, the Selection Committee reviewed 235 applications. Since 2010, Zdeněk and Michaela Bakala have donated more than CZK 128 million to support quality education and helped 137 Czech students in their pursuit of it.


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