Scholarships: support granted to 16 more students

September 15, 2017
For the eighth year in a row, the Bakala Foundation has awarded scholarships to talented Czech students who have applied to study at universities abroad, such as Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, and ETH Zürich. This year, the final interviews were conducted with 22 students, from whom the committee selected this year’s Bakala Scholars. They join 113 students to whom the Bakalas have previously provided financial aid totaling over 100 million Czech crowns. “I am very happy that we can be a part of the life journey of these talented young people, who are all not only extremely enthusiastic about their chosen field of study, but also have an interest in contributing to their environment, society, and the country in which they live,” says Michaela Bakala, Chairwoman of the Bakala Foundation Board of Trustees. It is specifically the willingness of the applicants to engage in public life that is one of the criteria that the Selection Committee takes into consideration, in conjunction with their previous academic results and motivation to study. “Every year, I am very honored that we can share in the life stories of excellent Czech students and help them come a bit closer to their dreams,” adds Pepper de Callier, the long-time Chairman of the Selection Committee.

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