Michaela Bakala and Zdenek Tuma New Members of Aspen's Supervisory Board

September 15, 2021
At its September meeting, the Board of Trustees of Aspen Institute Central Europe elected two new members to its Supervisory Board - Michaela Bakala and Zdenek Tuma. Michaela and Zdenek Bakala co-founded the Central European branch of the Aspen Institute in 2012 and have long supported Aspen's activities as part of their family philanthropy in Central Europe and globally. "Today, more than ever, our society needs leaders who demonstrate the courage to take responsibility, who have education, expertise, experience and firmly rooted values such as respect and humility. Aspen is making a significant contribution to the development of such leaders, and I am honored to be part of this platform," said Mrs. Bakala on her appointment to the Supervisory Board. Zdenek Tuma, an economist and former CNB Governor from 2000 to 2010, currently serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ČSOB. "I value the platform as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. It brings new challenges that are crucial for the future of the Central European region," said Tuma. During its three-year term of office, the new Supervisory Board will not only focus on control activities. It will also ensure that Aspen's actions align with the institution's strategic directions and principles and that its key themes are moving forward to positively influence developments across the region.

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