Debate with “Winton’s child” Ruth Hálová

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Are you interested in the events of the Second World War? Do you know who are so-called Winton’s children? In cooperation with the Václav Havel Library, we are pleased to invite you to the debate with one of the saved Jewish children, Mrs Ruth Hálová. Ruth, than aged 13, boarded the train to England and had to leave her family and country behind in order to survive and escape the occupation of the Czech Republic in 1939. She, together with other 668 children, owes her life to Sir Nicholas Winton. How did she feel leaving her home at such young age? How difficult was it to start living in a family whose language she didn’t even speak? Why did she move back to her hometown Český Krumlov and what Judaism means to her today?

The debate will be held on Monday April 10th at 5pm at the Gröbe Villa in Prague 2. The evening will be moderated by Michael Žantovský, the director of Václav Havel Library.

Unfortunately, this event will only be available in Czech language.

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