The Bakalas Foster Unbiased Journalism

January 28, 2019
Economia owner Zdeněk Bakala and his wife Michaela will relinquish the board positions they both currently hold in the Czech media house. Mr. Bakala, who affirmed his continued commitment to Economia, said the decision was made to underscore their long-standing promise to foster journalism free from partiality. "We see media ownership as a public service." said Mr. Bakala. "We have done everything to ensure that Economia and its publications are synonymous with high-quality and independent journalism." Mr. Bakala expressed full confidence in Economia's elected Board of Directors and Supervisory Board to uphold the company's values and maintain its strategic vision. "We trust the elected board members will continue to perform their managerial and supervisory duties in line with Economia's mission to properly inform society." - Zdenek Bakala.

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