Education Is Fundamental and the Best Investment

June 22, 2023
"The way today's world seems to be going through a series of more or less serious troubles disrupting the world as we know it, both the commercial and intellectual, reflects, in my view, a crisis of leadership. Only education and the education of leaders will help us to overcome the series of crises,“ says Zdenek Bakala in an interview with Director Jiří Havelka about the meaning of supporting talents.
A little later, Michaela points out, "We also look to ensure the students are interested in more than just their own benefit. So that actually, because someone has helped them in their life, they understand it as their inner commitment and not as an obligation to help once too. They don't have to repay us anything in return, even though we support their attendance at schools that are very financially demanding. Still, we appeal to the fact that their contribution should be a benefit not only for them personally but also for society, our country, and the field. And I see hope in this young generation, in these students.“

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