Rules and Regulations for the Use of the Bakala Foundation Student Hub by Registered Members


I. Introductory Provisions

  1. The Bakala Foundation is an organization registered at Tržiště 366/13, 118 00 Prague 1 – Malá Strana under reg. no. (IČ) 27921247 (hereinafter the “Foundation”). As the operator of the premises of the Bakala Foundation Student Hub (hereinafter the “Premises” or the “Hub”), the Foundation hereby publishes these Rules and Regulation for the Use of the Bakala Foundation Student Hub by Registered Members (hereinafter the “Rules”).
  2. The Hub is a multifunctional space, which is available to registered students chiefly for the purpose of independent study, reading, attending events organized by the Hub, etc.
  3. These Rules define the binding rules of conduct for all persons entering the Hub premises.
  4. The Hub is located at the Foundation’s headquarters on the 4th floor of the Wratislaw Palace / Vratislavský Palác, Tržiště 366/13, 118 00 Prague 1 – Lesser Town (hereinafter the “Palace”). Entry to the Hub is through the common areas of the Palace. Under a decree issued by the administration at Wratislaw Palace, visitors to the Hub are required to present their ID card at the entrance to the building in order to verify their identity and record their visit. A Palace employee in charge of identity verification and registration will be posted at the security checkpoint.
  5. These Rules are intended mainly to ensure the health and safety of persons and their property as well as to guarantee the protection of the Hub, the Palace, and all property located within the Hub and the Palace.
  6. Every person entering the Hub premises (hereinafter the “Hub Visitor”) agrees to adhere to these Rules and to follow the instructions of the Foundation’s staff.
  7. The Palace and the Hub entrance are monitored by a video surveillance system. The surveillance system is installed and operated in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Act No. 101/2000 Coll.).
  8. The opening hours of the Hub are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm, or during previously scheduled events as specified in the Hub’s calendar of events.
  9. Access to the Hub outside of the opening hours is permitted only for the Foundation’s staff; others are permitted only based on prior agreement with one of the Foundation’s employees.


II. Rights and Obligations of Hub Visitors

  1. All Hub Visitors are required to register. Registration is extended annually based on a valid confirmation of study.
  2. Every Hub Visitor will be issued an entry card against a refundable deposit of CZK 150. The entry card is non-transferable.
  3. Hub Visitors agree to behave with consideration for other Hub Visitors, as well as for all facilities and equipment on the Hub premises.
  4. In emergency situations, all Hub Visitors are obliged to follow the Fire and Alarm Guidelines, the Evacuation Plan, the safety signs and guideboards located in the public areas of the building, and the instructions of the Foundation’s staff.
  5. During their stay in the Palace and the Hub, Hub Visitors are obliged to listen to and follow the instructions of the Foundation’s staff or the Palace’s security guards.
  6. Hub Visitors can make use of the following common Hub facilities and equipment, subject to the instructions clearly displayed at each labeled location:
    • Library;
    • Kitchenette, incl. electric kettle, coffee machine and other kitchenware;
    • Office supplies;
    • Furniture – solely for the purpose for which it is intended. It is forbidden to move furniture (except chairs) in any way without the prior agreement of the Hub Manager;
    • Silent room, depending on availability/occupancy;
    • Internet connection using the “BakalaStudentHub” Wi-Fi network.
  7. Hub Visitors are required to maintain peace and quiet on Hub and Palace premises. Listening to any sound recordings without headphones is forbidden.
  8. During their stay, Hub Visitors are obliged to store their personal belongings only in the places designated for this purpose. These include lockers and coat hooks.
  9. Hub Visitors agree to not move around the common areas of the Palace for any purpose other than to enter or exit the Hub or to use the restrooms on the ground floor.
  10. Hub Visitors are permitted to move around in the following areas:
    • Study room;
    • Silent room;
    • Kitchenette in the study room;
    • Atrium and kitchenette in the hallway in front of the entrance to the study room;
    • Restrooms that are part of the Foundation’s premises.
  11. By connecting to the internet using the “BakalaStudentHub” Wi-Fi network, Hub Visitors agree to the following conditions:
    • Hub Visitors will use their own personal equipment to connect to the network.
    • Visiting websites that present pornography; promote racial, religious or ethnic hatred; incite violence; promote the use of drugs; or include any other contents in conflict with valid legislation (hereinafter “Banned Content”) is forbidden.
    • Using the network connection to disseminate/share Banned Content; commercial, political, religious, or nationalist propaganda; spam; computer viruses; or intellectual property in conflict with copyright laws; or to otherwise harass other internet users is forbidden.
    • Hub Visitors acknowledge that the network is monitored with the aim of optimizing performance and functionality as well as uncovering and avoiding abnormal situations and unauthorized access attempts. The Foundation has the right to record the MAC addresses of all connected devices.
    • Any attempts to use the network to gain unauthorized access to the programs, information, user privileges, peripherals, and data of other users, or to facilitate such access for a third party, is forbidden.
    • In the event of any breach of these conditions, the Foundation has the right to refuse access to the network and to apply any other sanctions in accordance with these Rules. Other reasons for disconnecting a user from the network may be, for instance, if the user overloads the network by uploading or downloading large volumes of data, or if the user attempts to gain unauthorized access to third-party networks.
    • Hub Visitors are liable for any damages resulting from a breach of the conditions governing the use of the “BakalaStudentHub” Wi-Fi network.
    • Hub Visitors acknowledge that the Foundation bears no responsibility for the contents of websites, the quality and speed of the internet connection, or the activities of other users.
  1. The following behaviors are expressly forbidden inside the Hub and the Palace:
    • Smoking and handling open flame;
    • Entering under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or disturbing other Hub Visitors and staff members with inappropriate behavior and/or odor;
    • Bringing harmful substances, alcohol, or drugs onto the premises;
    • Entering with weapons and other objects that may compromise the safety of persons and/or disturb order;
    • Carrying out activities not related to studying, retrieving information, or the Hub’s cultural and educational mission (e.g. playing computer games, conducting private commercial activities, etc.);
    • Using roller skates, skateboards, bikes, scooters and other similar sports equipment on the premises;
    • Handling the facilities and equipment of the Palace and the Hub and entering spaces reserved for the Foundation’s employees and other spaces in the Palace;
    • Damaging the Hub, the Palace, or any of their facilities and equipment;
    • Soliciting or posting/placing advertising and promotional materials on the building premises;
    • Taking photographs and filming in the Palace and the Hub is allowed under the condition that all third-party rights are respected.
      Hub Visitors hereby expressly agree to comply with the above prohibitions.
  1. Hub Visitors undertake to compensate the Foundation for any damages resulting from a breach of these Rules, including the costs associated with the recovery of damages.


III. General Provisions

  1. The following are authorized to monitor and enforce compliance with these Rules: the Hub Manager, the Foundation’s employees, and the Palace’s security staff. Any of the aforementioned are entitled to forbid entry to the Hub or expel from the Hub any Hub Visitor who behaves in violation of these Rules. Expulsion from the Hub does not relieve the Hub Visitor of the obligation to compensate the Foundation for any damages as set out in Article II (12) of these Rules.
  2. If a Hub Visitor commits a serious breach of these Rules or breaches these Rules repeatedly, the Hub Manager has the right to cancel the Hub Visitor’s registration. This cancellation is effective immediately and cannot be appealed. Cancellation of a Hub Visitor’s registration does not relieve them of the obligation to compensate the Foundation for any damages as set out in Article II (12) of these Rules.
  3. Hub Visitors acknowledge the fact that The Bakala Foundation shall not be liable in any way for:
    • Damage caused by third parties, particularly other Hub Visitors;
    • Damage to any stored item in the event that the Hub Visitor puts the item in a place other than one designated for that purpose, with the understanding that the designated place means the lockers situated in the Hub’s kitchenette and numbered 1 to 5.
  1. Any exceptions to these Rules must be agreed upon with the Hub Manager sufficiently in advance.
  2. In any situations not explicitly regulated by these Rules, the instructions of the Foundation’s employees shall apply.
  3. The contact phone number for the Hub is: +420 607 090 485, Tereza Lucková – Student Hub Manager.


These Rules enter into effect on April 4, 2023.


Václav Pecha
The Bakala Foundation