How to Apply and Important Dates

The Application

Fill out the online application and send all other required documents to the Bakala Foundation by email before the above-mentioned deadline. The application consists of applicant information and a personal essay. Together with the online form, you are required to submit a scan of your latest school report in Czech and English (the transcript does not need to be notarized), and recommendation letters from your current English, maths, and class teachers.

Online Application

Fill out and submit the online form, you will receive a PDF version of your application.

Detailed Instructions on how to fill out the application form (in Czech)

2. Apply for Financial Support

If you are applying for the ASSIST Scholarship in the USA (Full Scholarship), carefully read through this document and select one of the options based on your financial situation. If you are awarded a scholarship and you apply for financial support, you will also be asked to submit the Family Financial Declaration Form later in the process.

If you are applying for the HMC Scholarship in the UK (full or reduced), you will be asjed to please fill out the Parental Income and Assets Declaration in case you are selected for interviews.

Teacher Recommendations

Ask your current class teacher, maths teacher, and English teacher for a recommendation letter using this online form. Fill out your teachers’ names and email addresses. Your teachers will receive an email prompt with instructions to submit their recommendation through an online form. Once they submit their recommendation, you will receive an email notification that the recommendation was submitted and your teacher will receive an email with a pdf version of their submitted recommendation. the designated forms available for download below. 

If your class teacher also teaches you maths or English, we recommend asking your headmaster, vice headmaster, or school advisor for the third recommendation.

If you have just started at a new school and your teachers have not had enough time to get to know you and accurately evaluate your work, you can ask your teachers from your previous school to submit additional recommendations. You can submit their names and emails into the designated fields in the online form.  

Your teachers can alternatively download the recommendation form, fill it out and send it by email to or mail it to Bakala Foundation (Tržiště 366/13, 118 Praha 1). Mailed recommendations must arrive to Bakala Foundation no later than December 1st 2021. 

The deadline for submitting all three recommendations is December 1st 2021.

4. Grade Report

Translate your latest school report into English (the transcript does not have to be notarized) and send the scan of the original report together with the translation by email to before the application deadline. You can use this form to translate your report. To meet the requirements for a reduced application fee, please submit the scanned report and its translation no later than November 1st, 2021. 

5. Administrative Fee

Pay the application fee through PayPal.

To meet the requirements for a reduced application fee of 20 USD, you must submit the online application and your latest school report with an English translation by November 1st 2021. Teachers’ recommendations have to be submitted by December 1st 2021 at the latest. Please send a proof of payment of the application fee to

The fee for applications submitted between November 2nd and December 1st 2021 is 40 USD. 

Language Proficiency Test

After the application submission deadline, each candidate will receive instructions and a coupon code allowing them to complete the language test online. The test can be completed on your own time. The deadline will be stated in an email with instructions.

This year we will be using the Duolingo language test to test the applicants’ language proficiency and language skills. The test is a multiple choice test taking approximately 60 minutes to complete. Successful completion of the test is one of the criteria for being selected into the second round of the application process: the interviews. The minimum required score is 110 points. You can find out more about the test here:


All applicants will be notified about their test results by email. Successful candidates will receive an invitation to attend the interviews by email.

Additional documents

Students selected for interviews will be required to fill out some additional documents. If they indicate the HMC scholarship as one of their preferences, they will be required to fill out the following documents:

We strongly recommend reading through this document before selecting your courses.


Students selected for interviews will be asked to attend an essay writing session where they will be asked to produce an unprepared handwritten essay on a given topic. Detailed information and the date of the session will be sent to all applicants in question at the beginning of January.


Students selected into the second round based on their application and language test results will be invited to attend interviews with ASSIST and HMC representatives in January.

The number of candidates selected for interviews is final, and there will be no waiting list.

There will be no additional dates for interviews.

Interview Results

Scholarship winners will be contacted over the course of March to confirm their interest in the offer. The selection of students and their school placement is solely within the competence of ASSIST, HMC, and the Bakala Foundation.

There are usually several spots on the waiting list for each country. The placement of students on the waiting list is dependent on the financial capacity of the partner schools to take in extra students. Applicants on the waiting list may be offered a scholarship in the case that one of the scholarship winners declines the offer.