Study in the USA

ASSIST Program 2022/2023 Requirements

  • Czech citizenship
  • Being a first or second year student at a Czech high school at the time of applying
  • Date of birth between July 1, 2004 and July 1, 2007
  • Excellent academic results
  • Good health
  • Sufficient level of English language proficiency to study abroad
  • Any prior study abroad at schools with English as the primary language of instruction was no longer than 6 months



Full Scholarship

Tuition, room, and board are fully covered.

Expenses covered by the scholarship winners:

  • ASSIST administrative fee: 8,250 USD
    (this covers the expenses connected to the selection process, the student’s school placement, supervision at school, orientation session in Boston at the beginning of the school year, and travel from orientation to school)
  • Visa: 200 USD (SEVIS fee) + 160 USD (Visa fee)
  • Personal expenses:

The total expenses covered by the student’s family, if awarded the full non-sponsored scholarship, are roughly around 300,000 CZK.

Sponsored Scholarships

Should your family’s financial situation not allow for covering all of the personal expenses, please indicate that you are applying for a sponsored scholarship in the Application for a Sponsorship form. If you advance into the interview round, you will be asked tofill out the Family Financial Declaration. These documents allow you to apply for a sponsored scholarship, and if approved, you will only cover the ASSIST administrative fee and the visa fee. All other expenses, such as travel, insurance, and personal spending money, will be covered by ASSIST. The total expenses covered by you would then roughly come to around 200,000 CZK.


Partial Scholarship

If you apply for a partial scholarship, the school will charge you a reduced tuition. This means that in addition to the aforementioned personal expenses, you will have to cover a fee of 34,750 USD. No Czech students have applied for this scholarship yet.


Overview of Estimated Expenses for Individual Scholarship Types

The chart below shows the overview of estimated expenses in CZK calculated using the exchange rate of 1 USD = 23 CZK:

Davis International Scholars

The Davis International Scholars Program offers students in the 9th grade of elementary school and first year of high school the opportunity to earn a scholarship to attend an independent boarding school (that is a member of this program) in the USA. Students attend the schools for two or three years and stay to earn a diploma. After graduation, if students are accepted into any one of the 95 universities in the U.S. affiliated with the Davis Program, funding from the Program continues on at 25,000 USD per year for four years.

Students eligible for the ASSIST Scholarship can apply for this program as well. The ASSIST interviewers recommend candidates for this prestigious scholarship. After the interviews, if students in the scholarship competition are chosen to become Davis Scholarship candidates, they will apply directly to one of the Davis schools for admission. Only six Czech students have been awarded this prestigious scholarship thus far.

This program focuses mainly on students from low-income families. Due to the limited number of scholarships offered, we recommend that applicants apply for other scholarships as well.