Why do we support education? Education changes our lives, through education we can achieve wisdom, freedom and can accept more responsibilities. Study abroad requires greater dedication and resources, but it also reveals new horizons. My husband, Zdeněk, departed from communist ruled Czechoslovakia while he was nineteen and one of his goals was to get top education in free country. He started at University of California in Berkeley and continued at Dartmouth College. Education became his best investment and today our foundation can support aspiring young people in getting the best education available.

Chairwoman of The Bakala Foundation Board of Trustees


The Bakala Foundation Scholarship offers financial support to highly-achieving Czech students looking to study abroad. Who is eligible? Prospective students seeking an integrated bachelor’s or master’s programs at a leading university abroad Young people looking...

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Kaplicky Internship

The Kaplicky Internship is a program providing recent architecture graduates from Czech universities the opportunity to spend three months on an internship in a prestigious London studio where they have the chance to work on...

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Student Hub

The Bakala Foundation Student Hub is an information, counseling and support center serving both Scholarship Program holders and students from the general public interested in studying at foreign universities. The Student Hub consists of three...

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