The Bakala Foundation Scholarship program offers support to motivated students so that they can realize their academic dreams. Throughout more than 13 years, the program has supported almost 200 students at 57 universities across 11 different countries. 


Applications are now closed.


Who Can Apply?

  • Applicants whose financial situation (or that of their family) does not allow them to cover the expenses related to their university studies abroad;
  • students who demonstrate strong academic credentials and verifiable financial need;
  • students applying to (or studying) a bachelor’s or master’s program at a leading foreign university;
  • young people looking for an academic experience that would intellectually enrich them and help them to achieve the best possible education;
  • applicants seeking not only to earn a degree from a quality university, but also to contribute to a positive social impact via their studies and future work engagements;
  • students enrolling in academically-rigorous programs abroad that go beyond traditional language and cultural exchanges.


Eligibility Requirements for Scholarship 2023

  • Demonstrable financial need in order to realize their chosen university studies abroad;
  • Czech citizenship or a permanent residency in the Czech Republic;
  • younger than 34 years of age on the day of the application deadline (January 18, 2023);
  • completing the online application (including 1 or 2 recommendation letters) by January 18, 2023.


Application process 2023

The scholarship selection is done in three rounds. In the first round, we evaluate the applications. In the second round, the degree of financial need of each student is assessed. Lastly, students who advance to the third round take part in an interview.

  • First, the student chooses a university and a specific study program. For help regarding school selection, you can contact our academic advisor or participate in our Student Hub events.
  • November 10, 2022 – opening of applications for the Scholarship 2023 program
  • January 18, 2023 at 11:59pm – closing of applications
  • April 2023 – participants will be informed of the 1st round results
  • May 2023 – participants will be informed of the 2nd round results
  • June 2023 – successful candidates will participate in personal interviews to take place in Prague. The final results will be announced shortly after the interviews.


Our goal is to enable students to follow the academic path which would allow them to secure the best conditions for their growth and development, both personal and academic.

Lectures and Workshops (in CZ)

Info webinars for Scholarship 2023 have already passed. In case of questions, please check the website or contact us.



Recordings from past presentations:

Follow our Facebook for news and events about our Scholarship offering and about studying abroad. Please note that presentations are held in the Czech language.


Online Application

Applications are now closed.

Scholarship Application Guide

Topics for the year 2023

As a part of their application form, applicants must submit an essay on one of three topics. Essays must be written in English and cannot exceed 600 words.

The topics for 2023 are the following:


What is the most misunderstood issue in your field of study/expertise?


Explore any legitimate criticism of your generation.


“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” Goethe

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Do you support students who are just applying to university or students who have already commenced their studies abroad?

You can apply for financial support in either one of the following situations: 1. You are a high school student (junior or senior) who has yet to apply or is in the process of applying to university, or 2. You have commenced your studies at a university and you need financial help. If you succeed in the selection process in your junior year of high school, you then apply to university with our declaration of support.

The degree program I have chosen takes several years. Can I count on the support of the Bakala Foundation beyond the first academic year?

We provide financial support for the entire duration of your chosen study program – either a bachelor’s or a master’s program. At the end of each academic year, we review your academic performance along with your need for financial support. You can count on our help for the entire length of the study program as long as you maintain a high GPA and demonstrate the need for financial support.