Zdeněk and Michaela Bakala have donated nearly 75 million Czech crowns through their foundation over the past 10 years, providing funding to more than 50 organizations and individuals across a wide range of fields including education, culture and healthcare.

The Bakala Foundation’s motto is “Education is the best investment” and that is why it mainly focuses on furthering the education and skills of students. The Foundation supported the high school debate competition The Student Agora, an international conference on oral history IOHA (the International Oral Hygiene Association) and the emergence of the think tank IDEA for the promotion of free academic research at Czech think tank CERGE.  It has also co-funded the project Better School for All, which aims to help teachers reach disadvantaged children. The Bakalas have contributed to the reconstruction of schools in Ostrava city and the town of Odry and co-funded a number of other projects focused on education.

Michaela and Zdenek Bakala also contribute to DOX Center for Contemporary Arts, and have supported the Strings of Autumn, Ostrava Days, Trutnoff and NODO festivals.

The Foundation also contributes in the area of healthcare. It helped purchase equipment for the diagnosis of pulmonary disease, used in the Na Homolce Hospital in Prague. It helped finance therapeutic aids for disabled children and helps fund long-term remedial stays for adults with disabilities. The Foundation also supports Church parishes and has helped pay for the restoration of the organ at Prague’s Church of St Salvator, the reconstruction of the pilgrimage site at Prague’s Church of Our Lady Victorious and the completion of the training center at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Ostrava-Zábřeh.


Stipends for disadvantaged students – Call for proposals

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Foundation grants in 2015

We donated 500 000

People in Need, - Stories of Injustice

Contribution to the project Stories of Injustice enabled schools to offer documentaries and feature films as well as other aids for teaching history, to acquaint primary and secondary school students with modern Czechoslovak history. The project included film screenings and meetings with survivors, historians and filmmakers. There were student literary competitions, seminars for teachers, exhibitions for the public. Since 2009 …

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We donated 500 000

People in Need - Better School for All

The Bakala Foundation supported the project Better School for All, which helped teachers provide better education for children with special educational needs.  In this project, teachers have access to lectures for school-room use as well as training and materials to help reach a broader range of children in their classrooms. More about the project: http://www.varianty.cz/projekty/59-lepsi-skola-pro-vsechny

We donated 500 000

Ostrava Center for New Music - Ostrava Days 2015

Through a contribution grant the Bakala Foundation supported the Ostrava Days Festival in 2015. This festival focuses on contemporary classical music, which includes avant-garde and experimental works.  As part of the program, young composers spend three weeks with renowned figures in contemporary music from around the world. The Ostrava Days Festival introduces works that have not been performed yet in …

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We donated 250 000

"Strings of Autumn" – Scholarship of Strings of Autumn

The Bakala Foundation provided a grant to Strings of Autumn festival to award scholarships to support young talented jazz musicians during their studies abroad. More about the project: http://www.strunypodzimu.cz/stipendium/

We donated 200 000

Charles University in Prague – FYKOS – a Week with Applied Physics and a Day with Experimental Physics

FYKOS is a Physics Correspondence Seminar intended for high school students with an interest in physics. A number of physicist Bakala Foundation Scholarship winners went through the FYKOS seminars during high school. The Foundation sponsored two events organized by FYKOS – a Week with Applied Physics and a Day with Experimental Physics. At both events, participants had the unique opportunity …

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We donated 175 315

Ondřej Michálek – Kaplicky Internship – Internship in the architectural studio of Eva Jiricna

The Kaplicky Internship Program is organized by the Bakala Foundation in cooperation with the London Design Museum. A partner in the project is the KAPLICKY CENTRE Endowment Fund. In 2015, the holder of the Kaplicky Internship was Ondrej Michalek from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. In addition to the award he attended a three-month internship in …

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We donated 50 000


The  KAPLICKY CENTRE Endowment Fund is a partner in the  Kaplicky Internship program. The Bakala Foundation grant has been used to highlight and promote the works of architect Jan Kaplický. More about the project: http://kaplickycentre.org/

We donated 40 000

Home for Me - Experience stays for adults with disabilities

The Foundation has traditionally co-financed rehabilitation stays for adults with severe disabilities organized by the civic association Home for Me. In 2015, 15 people participated. From the Foundation contribution the association pays expenses related to the accommodation of the participants of the camp. Other costs are covered by membership fees. More about the project: http://www.domovpromne.cz/volny-cas/zazitky/item/851-hura_do_stredoveku

We donated 30 000

Gabriela Franková - Study at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno

Based on the cooperation with the Czech Miss 2014, the Bakala Foundation covered the cost of tuition for Gabriela Franková at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno for 2015.