Fondation Zdeněk et Michaela Bakala

Zdeněk Bakala and his wife Michaela created the Fondation Zdeněk et Michaela Bakala ( in Geneva aiming to support Swiss and Czech students in their pursuit of top-quality education as well as to participate in various local projects focused on education and human rights. The Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala offers, through its scholarship, an opportunity to young people currently attending high school to continue their education (class 2, class 1 and class t) at the prestigious Ecole Le Rosey, located in Rolle, Switzerland. We are looking for enthusiastic and talented pupils who have performed to an extremely high standard over the course of their studies and who understand that a scholarship awarded by Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala is a stepping stone toward their long-term goals. During the selection process we also consider each applicant’s personality, interests and extracurricular activities of all kinds. Institut Le Rosey is an elite boarding school that demands a lot from its pupils both in and outside of the classroom. If you wish to arm yourselves with the best tools for a high quality training, please fill in the registration form in (lien avec Application)